Tubi app not working? crashes or has problems? | 2023 Solutions (2023)

By Ray Coffey
Mar 03 2023

Tubi and all other free channels only play 5pm

By Max
Mar 03 2023

Using same version of mod, literally, file share from device that has my fav best working version. Several other devices using same shared version...BUT, on mi box s does odd things no matter troubleshooting, tips, tricks, uninstalilng then sideloading diff apk, even tried official app, etc. Neat-o brain melting tricks it comes up with like, google log in failure, email/password not recognized or incorrect, if allowed to log in no watchlist, notifications, all movies and shows blocked except religious and young kid fluff and fodder, or everyones fav DRM cock block pop up box... I adore Tubi for free eternal infinite continous autoplay and some of the most off the wall bizarre B movies EVER

By Ralph Smith
Mar 01 2023

Tubi not working

Feb 28 2023

All other apps stream without any glitches ..Prime, Vudo, Pluto, Youtube et al. Tubi, however, will NOT play content. The app comes up fine and you can browse without issue ...but as soon as you try to watch a trailer or movie, it buffers indefinitely. IF YOU CANT FIX YOUR PROBLEMS...JUST TAKE IT DOWN..STOP MESSING WITH US....

By Michael C. Bentley
Feb 21 2023

When watching a movie on tubi app. With our Roku stick.....the movie stops toward end and gives an Error: RO-3-201--5. Only happens on tubi.

By Christine Colborne
Feb 19 2023

Tubi keeps buffering on my Android phone

By Wally Claessen
Feb 15 2023

Movie keeps restarting after every commercial break

By Eugene F Martin
Feb 14 2023

will not open, displays error code APP 43055

By McGee
Feb 08 2023

I have watched tubi for several years and in the last two or three months it stopped working.
Of all the comments I have read here, I have not seen ANY answers provided by tubi. Is there anyone at tubi that actually tries to fix problems reported here OR, more likely no one at tubi cares their app isn’t working. And, possibly this site is an intentional dead end set up by tubi to dispose of the
“ junk “ they don’t want to deal with.
I tried all of the “fixes” listed with zero positive results.

By Anrika
Feb 07 2023

EVERY time I watch a movie on tubi it freezes 3/4 of the way through. Have not seen a complete movie in the last month. NOT using it anymore.

By Hoshyar
Feb 06 2023

Tubi not working in my phone when I trying to play movie the message is please restart your apk and when I restart my phone the same message appears

By Kenneth Dellinger
Feb 04 2023

When watching a movie and then a commercial comes on it freezes on the last commercial and won't play

By Lu Rose
Feb 03 2023

The TV screen freezes during commercials. Won't advance. Cannot advance with fast forward..

By Tammy mcelroy
Feb 02 2023

Having trouble with playback. It keeps shutting down after playing for a minute roku tv

By Karis L Horstmann
Jan 28 2023

We have a new Samsung QLED smart tv. Tubi keeps stalling or complete blank screen.

By Bill Burkhard
Jan 23 2023

My list does not work. Can't erase or addto

By Phil
Jan 16 2023

App comes up ok but screen will blackout and return when choosing movies; using Roku stick. This does not happen with the cheaper Roku on same tv.

By Bruno
Jan 15 2023

Have a Sony KD65A8G and it CONSTANTLY freezes up to the point that the remote does not work so I need to unplug it to restore function.
I therefore am deleting this APP from the TV. It's absolutely useless.

By Tahona lee Perkins
Jan 06 2023

I got all new Apple devices 14 max pro & new 2022 ipad & for some reason since I am running 5 G it crashes 8 times during the movie. All devices are running on newest updates. The Tubi app was reinstalled on all devices one week ago. & the problem has worsened.

By Ron Stevenson
Jan 04 2023

some adds not displaying, just blank screen,sometimes kicked off tubi altogether

(Video) how to fix crashing app or app not working on any smart tv

By Jeff Dibeneditto
Jan 02 2023

My Tubi Crashes every time there is a commercial. Please advise.

By Zach P
Jan 02 2023

App crashes on Firetv on every ad break

By Lucas Micromatis
Jan 01 2023

Tubi crashes 2 or 3 times during the same program either during or right after ad breaks. Using Amazon fire stick. Have uninstalled and reinstall the app. Makes no difference. After one reply from support asking for additional information, they went radio silent. This was weeks ago. Guess they don’t care much since it’s free 🤷🏻

By Linda. Barnwell
Dec 28 2022

I cannot watch movies on my phone movies keeps. Stopping wont let me watch anything tonite I live in Quincy California 95971

By Margie Bryson
Dec 27 2022

Tubi app opens on my laptop but closes right away

By Gerry
Dec 22 2022

Tubing restarts movie at end of ads everytime

By Missi Thede
Dec 19 2022

App keeps stopping during or before ads... Have clean caches stopped the app and restarted fire tv

By John Doh
Dec 07 2022

All other apps stream without any glitches ..Prime, Vudo, Pluto, Youtube et al. Tubi, however, will NOT play content. The app comes up fine and you can browse without issue ...but as soon as you try to watch a trailer or movie, it buffers indefinitely.

By Janet
Dec 07 2022

I'm unable to watch anything on TUBI because as soon as an ad comes on, the screen freezes and remains frozen. I see by the complaints of others that this problem has been happening since March of this year! Don't you think it's about time you paid attention and fixed this crap??? I'm about to say to hell with Tubi!

By Sally
Nov 26 2022

tubi comes on but when connect to movie it goes off tubi

By calvin e crooks
Nov 24 2022

not available in my location, worked this morning.

By Floyd phelps
Nov 17 2022

the search bar is no longer visible on tubi

Nov 09 2022

When I click on a movie it automatically starts playing before I click on the icon to start it playing

By kacy white
Nov 04 2022

TUBI has Not worked on my smart TV ( I have wifi and apple TV device) for months after it used to open easily! I’ve tried deleting history under setting and app, but nothing happened. It works fine on my iPhone .13, HOW DO I GET IT BACK?

By mary cowell
Oct 24 2022

Why Is it loading slow then I'll watch something then it stops and sometimes it will start again only for a few seconds

By Leo Garcia
Oct 21 2022

Can't download Tubi app

By Ann Sween
Oct 12 2022

I love watching TUBI!
I load it on my Chromebook, and enjoy. THEN I cast to Chromecast in the TV room, casting from the laptop to TV screen.
This has been a tremendous technological treat for me, living alone, I can choose so many shows depending on my mood.
The ads are FUN! I don't mind watching them and there is a counter in the corner that shows a countdown,
PROBLEM TODAY: After ads, the streaming feature does not continue, the interuption seems to force the app on my chromebook to reboot to the beginning of the show. I then have to reboot TUBI, restart selection, and cast again.
My guess is that the ads containing political content are being counted, since this is an election month, and the system is trying to spend as much money to elect their chosen candidate.
I can't wait to get back to those COOL ads, like for TUBI, and DOOR DASH, and maybe some Christmas Gift ideas that aren't sold on Amazon.
Are you reading this? Hello. Yes, people watch, and listen, and wish for robots that actually perform meaningful work - like laundry and dishes.
I gotta go, have a great life, go out and rake leaves if you get the chance. Bike, hike, and be kind....

By Deborah
Oct 07 2022

I get tons more movies on my kindle tubi app than on my tv. Also, I can't get out of the app on my tv without turning the tv off and then on.

By Barry Warner
Oct 06 2022

Tubi has worked great for the last 12 months on my smart tv. However, for the last 10 days, every time I try to watch a movie trailer it freezes halfway thru the trailer and says to reboot the cable box… to no effect and returns to regular tv channels. Only movie trailers. No problem watching entire movies.

By Denise Faust
Oct 05 2022

The series I am watching just hops from one episode to another and never plays, and I do not have a clear history option. I have cleared cache, but no help.

(Video) LG Smart TV: App is Not Working? 9 FIXES! Netflix, Prime Video, Sling, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, etc

By Dee Milburn
Oct 03 2022

For some reason, when I leave tubi videos on for my kids, the app turns off the TV. This is not happening with other apps like HappyKids.

By James Roth
Sep 27 2022

the movie starts runs a very short time the closes the Tubi app returns to the main TV home site

By Garv Sleeth
Sep 20 2022

I have Tubi on my Firestick. I am getting unwanted audio from live TV when I go into the Tubi app. It is annoying when trying to watch movies wit the live TV audio mixing with the movie audio.

By Debra Warren
Sep 18 2022

I select a movie. When I bit play it goes back to home screen

By kevin
Sep 15 2022

movies dont load after commercials and they take forever to load not impressed at all

By Eliseo
Sep 12 2022

Tubi screen frozen all night with the caption installing tubi

By jack gwilt
Sep 11 2022


By Peggu
Sep 10 2022

Why can I watch leave it to beaver and A team on apple ipad and can watch on my Samsung phone but seems like tubi app took them off on ipad. Why

By Jet 1
Sep 06 2022

Tubi is VERY UNRELIABLE and it typically freezes 2 to 3 times when watching a single movie. Yes i am logged in. The only reliable fix i have found is to shut down and restart my TV, but this is only partially successful as if you return to tubi it is still frozen, so you watch someting else till it clears up. The program selection is good but the reliability makes it VERY frustrating to use.

By Mark
Sep 05 2022

When watching a movie the app closes and returns me to my TV home page. The duration it plays is variable but I can expect at least 3 failures in an hour and a half movie.

By John B
Sep 01 2022

Just purchased a 2022 LG SmartTV, Tubi was installed and activated, try to navigate the various movie venues I click on a show and then try to move up or down to see other options nothing responds then after several minute the tv shuts off or just sits there with not response for ever until you close out and go to Britbox or Prime etc all works fine just not Tubi Tubi reponds with absurd answer, shut tv off start again, check connection, reinstall app, did those still does not resolve the issue Does Tubi Support do anything NO they just ignore the complaint, this happens on three separate TV's so it is not the device it is TUBI APP not doing it job

By Sparrow
Aug 29 2022

Y'know how there is a picture that is above the description of the movie? It never goes away. It's a ghost image behind the movie all the time. It's annoying AF. Just letting you know.

By Hazel Toliver
Aug 27 2022

Sound not working well

By Dianne Bissonette
Aug 26 2022

App on firetv gets 2/3 of the way through an episode and during the commercials I'm repeatedly kicked back to the homescreen.

By David Hill
Aug 26 2022

Tubi movie go to ads then to home page instead of back to movie

By Anita Ann Sartwell
Aug 25 2022

When I sign into Tubi there is an audio program playing which talks over my movie

By Nailah
Aug 25 2022

Whenever I try to play a video or a movie or a series they don’t let me do it I mean play it so basically You cannot play this video and all the other videos I can’t play Sir that’s basically my problem

By Gerard Hannon
Aug 20 2022

Tubi is freezing on ads, only. The shows work fine, but when the ads start they freeze, for maybe 20 to 30, seconds, then start again but freeze again etc etc etc.

It gets to the point where I just bail out of the Tubi show and watch some other app. None of my other apps gphave this problem. I am watching through an Amazon Fire Stick.

By Mindy Rosica
Aug 11 2022

I use to install the app on my tablet. Now it disappeared, what happened? Its on my phone and it works great, I badly need it back on my tablet.

By Mindy Rosica
Aug 11 2022

(Video) How to clear Cache in your Roku Device to fix any problems

I use to install the app on my tablet. Now it disappeared, what happened? Its on my phone and it works great, I badly need it back on my tablet.

By Scott
Aug 09 2022

Closed captions are on but there are no closed captions appearing.

Also the closed captions toggle won’t turn on when selected.

By Antonio Funches
Aug 09 2022

Some shows that I have watched will no longer appear in my continue watching category even when I rewatch them. They remain on my list, but the progress always starts over from the beginning when watching

By DougK
Aug 08 2022

When watching movies on my Kindle Fire 8, Tubi stops and buffers for about 30 seconds, three or four times during the movie. I deleted and reinstalled the app, but it's still happening.

By Donna Oliveto
Aug 06 2022

the tubi movies will not come up on screen or play , please fix the problem so people can watch movies again and send me a message when it is fixed. I am paying for my grand pad and like to see movies when Iwant to.

By Monica Jackson
Aug 04 2022

Tried watching Tubi last night on my smart 4k TCL tv and it would not show a picture it just kept buffering for almost an hour and finally a screen popped on and when I clicked on it nothing happened please help with this issue

By Mel
Jul 31 2022

While watching streaming on to be live news feeds continually interrupt.

By jack gwilt
Jul 31 2022

all movies keep freezing

By Charmez
Jul 28 2022

It won't let me watch Naruto and it's saying I have to restart my phone and the app but it still won't work

By Three's company
Jul 26 2022

Tubi not working the stupid commercials play then when it goes back to program it just buffers deleted app from all my devices. I understand it is a free app which basically it isn't you are gathering free marketing from us by keeping track of what we are watching but its pretty fucking suspicious that the fucking commercials play just fine and not the programs

By Tim Holt
Jul 25 2022

News audio playing on Tubi while I am watching a movie

By Christine Colborne
Jul 24 2022

Movies won't stop buffering every few minutes

By Pieter De Zwart
Jul 22 2022

When I turn on Tubi with my firestick I get voice from a news channel that won't shut off so in runs with the sound from the channel I want to watch.

By Cheryl. Mcneill
Jul 22 2022

Certain movies and tv shows keep buffering

By Tony
Jul 21 2022

No shows are playing on my Samsung SmartTV. It is a Tubi Issue. Plays on my laptop, but not TV, which means Tubi is the problem. Everything was reset, but no Tubi. Other apps work on the TV, but NOT Tubi! I bet your advertisers are going to be ticked! In fact, I am going to contact some of them to let them know your service is down.

By Fred
Jul 20 2022

The app just keeps freezing on ps4 .everything else is fine its tubi

By Tami friend
Jul 19 2022

My Tubi will not load on my tv today, it has been working fine

By Spurgeon Johnson
Jul 16 2022

All stations work except tubi
All I get is a a tubi screen.
Was working fine
Don’t know what is going on

By Debbie Ruff
Jul 09 2022

Tubi isn't working on my TV.
I click on it, nothing starts..

By Jason Hopper
Jul 09 2022

Tubi screen goes blank during commercial ads. After doing this several times it will error and say Network Unavailable. after a few moments the movie will play again. It seems to have some kind of Network problem during ads?

By Laura
Jul 06 2022

Tubi not working on my Samsung Smart tv. I love Tubi but not cool if I can't watch a movie. When I select a movie it just goes to a blank screen. I uninstalled Tubi, reinstalled, unplugged TV, restarted the TV, and my internet connection is fine. Please fix this for everyone.

(Video) How to Fix an App that wont Open on your Fire TV Stick

By Laeeq
Jul 04 2022

Tubi is not working at all not on my phne and not my tv

By Don James
Jun 27 2022

App Movies won't play through
at night. Keeps stopping.

By Sharon Brownfield
Jun 24 2022

While watching tubi movies for awhile it jumps back to home screen.

By Katherine Griffin
Jun 22 2022

Tubi app isn’t working on my smart tv or android phone. Plays for a bit then freezes.

By Joanna Stevens
Jun 19 2022

How do I fix tubi on my Samsung tv? It freezes and will not play movies

Jun 18 2022

no sound on Tubi but works on everything else even uninstalled and reinstalled

By Thelia Cormier
Jun 18 2022

Keep getting error code 6006. Did everything it said to try. I can watch on Samsung s9 but not samsung ipad

By Tranise
Jun 15 2022

Tubi is not working. Everything is buffering

By Coral Sanderson
Jun 15 2022

i want to binge watch some of your programs on my toshiba TV. but every so often after an ad it just crashes and brings me to the app paged.

By Tom
Jun 07 2022

Tubi App not working on my Android phone. Error message: "that didn't work.......". I have stopped/started the app, uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared data and cache and still get the same result

By Wendy
Jun 06 2022

It keeps buffering

By Wanda Jamail
Jun 05 2022

Ive also have fonne rxsctly what you daid to fo so many times that doesnt work either. Please help me

By Wanda Jamail
Jun 05 2022

While watches either the news channel or the movie. While watching it it goes to a bight orange nox says to try agauand I try and again try again. Nothing. So i go to home screen and scroll to settings to my fore tv and scrolling down to rest and wait and most of the time itll work and some it doesn’t work at all. Happens on a dayly basices. Again i go through the same steps again every day. Amazon has done all they can with no luck same thing. I have no problem with all my other apps just Tubi. Can i plets get this major projble fixed been going on now for over 1 year.my email is [emailprotected] thank you

Jun 05 2022


By Leon Gilbert jr
May 29 2022

I loved tubi, but when I couldn’t, seem to get the problem solved I google information and was informed that sometimes you could disconnect and reconnect to solve the problem.

By Leon Gilbert jr
May 29 2022

Was having trouble with the movies playing. Was told to uninstall the tubi app and reinstall to see if that would solve the problem.

By David Hollis
May 29 2022

Tubi shows stop after 5 minutes

By Wanda Marie
May 14 2022

ads do not finish and retur to what I am watching.. so they keep repeating .. I think my Comcast wifi maybe running very slow because itubi is not loading as usual either my ipad just goes into sleep afer that arrow goes in circleswhen trying to loadi don't mind the ads but I sure mind getting dtuck viewing them over and over.. ipad and macbook pro both up to date.

By Patricia Perry
May 11 2022

So Tubi Free movies and TV can you help me out with the problem here of the spiral spin's in the center of the picture so I can watch Tubi Free movies and TV shows

By Patricia Perry
May 11 2022

Weii in the past couple of months now I have safelink for my phone and every time they shut off my phone I try to reset Tubi Free movies and TV and a spiral spin's in the center of the picture and it doesn't stop I try to redownload Tubi Free movies and TV and you guys say that account is taken by me I need you there to restart my phone is 5308221544 and my name and Gmail is above please help so I can keep watching Tubi



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