TruConnect SIM Card Activation Guide (2023)

What Do I Need To Do Before Activating A Truconnect SIM Card?

TruConnect Mobile is an American mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and a Lifeline provider. They sell mobile devices, plans, hotspots, and other services and provide free cell phones and free phone service plans with unlimited talk, text, and 3 GB of data, plus unlimited calls to Mexico, Canada, and China to their Lifeline eligible customers.

Before you can activate your TruConnect SIM card and start using their services, you must prove that you are qualified for their Lifeline program. Lifeline is a government assistance program designed to provide wireless services, plans with minutes, texts, and data, and even mobile devices to low-income citizens, and thus ensuring that everyone can stay in touch with their loved ones, jobs, and emergency services. It is non-transferable and limited to one discount per household.

To enroll you must provide documentation showing that you are eligible for the program and meet the income or program-based eligibility guidelines. Qualifying programs include Medi-Cal, SNAP, SSI, LIHEAP, Section 8, National School Lunch Program, WIC, and others.

The first thing you must do is to apply for the TruConnect Lifeline service. You can do so at At first, you will only be required to provide your ZIP code and email address, afterward the system will guide you through the application process.

In case you qualify for their services, you will be then able to enroll in a TruConnect plan. You can either enroll in a plan that offers a TruConnect SIM card or you can enroll in a plan that offers both a SIM card and a free phone. Your TruConnect SIM card will be sent to you via mail. You will be required to provide your personal info, such as your name, address, and other details.

When it comes to the mobile device, you can either apply for a free TruConnect Lifeline-provided smartphone, buy a phone at their website, or any of the stores listed at, or you can bring your own phone.

If you decide to pick up your Lifeline phone at any of their stores, make sure to bring your ID, proof of address, and proof of eligibility for any of the required programs, such as CalFresh/FoodStamps/SNAP, Medicaid/MediCal, FPHA/Section 8, or any of their additional programs, listed at

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How To Activate A Truconnect SIM Card

Once you receive your TruConnect SIM card and once you have a mobile device (either a new free or bought TruConnect device or your own device – in which case it must be compatible), you can start the TruConnect activation process. To activate your TruConnect SIM card, you can either:

  • Visit one of their stores and ask their professionals to help you
  • Call TruConnect customer support and let them guide you
  • Or follow the process below.
    • Step 1: Insert your TruConnect SIM card into your device.
    • Step 2: Turn your mobile device on.
    • Step 3: Dial 611.
    • Step 4: You should now receive a message saying ‘Welcome to TruConnect’. If you don’t receive a message, contact their customer care.

After receiving the welcome message, you must set up your APN settings. The process of setting up the APN settings depends on whether you have an Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry mobile device.

TruConnect APN settings for Android:

Go to ‘Settings’, press ‘Connection’, then ‘Mobile Network’, ‘Access Point Names’, and press ‘ADD’.

You should be able to see the following settings:

  • Name : TruConnect Internet
  • APN:
  • Proxy: <Not set>
  • Port: <Not set>
  • Username: guest
  • Password: guest
  • Server: <Not set>
  • MMSC: <Not set>
  • MMS proxy: <Not set>
  • MMS port: <Not set>
  • MCC: <Not set>
  • MNC: <Not set>
  • Authentication type:
  • APN type: default,supl
  • APN protocol: IPv4
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4
  • Bearer: Unspecified
  • APN PPP phone number: <Not set>

Edit the data and press save.

TruConnect APN settings for iPhone:

Go to ‘Settings’, press ‘Cellular’, ‘Cellular Data Network’, and finally ‘APN. Enter the information as shown below.

For cellular data:


  • APN:
  • Username: guest
  • Password: guest
  • LTE Setup(Optional):
  • APN: <Leave in Blank>
  • Username: <Leave in Blank>
  • Password: <Leave in Blank>

For MMS:

  • APN:
  • Username: guest
  • Password: guest
  • MMSC: <Leave in Blank>
  • MMS Proxy: <Leave in Blank>
  • MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
  • MMS UA Prof URL:

TruConnect APN settings for Windows phone:

Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Network & Wireless’, and finally ‘Cellular & SIM In Cellular’. Select your SIM card. Then, choose ‘Properties’. Under ‘Internet APN’ press ‘Add an Internet APN’ and enter the following data:

  • Profile name: TruConnect 1
  • APN:
  • User name: guest
  • Password: guest
  • Type of sign-in info: None
  • IP type: IPv4
  • Proxy server (URL): (Leave Blank)
  • Proxy Port : (Leave Blank)

TruConnect APN settings for Blackberry:

Go to ‘Settings’, press ‘Network Connections’, ‘Mobile Network’, and at the bottom of the screen tap ‘APN’. Enter the following information:

  • Access Point Name (APN):
  • Username: guest
  • Password: guest

Press ‘Save’.

How Do I Reactivate A Deactivated Truconnect SIM Card?

The credits for your prepaid account will be valid for a limited amount of time from purchase, according to the terms of your plan and the expiration date provided with your refill card. When your credits expire or your account balance falls to zero, your prepaid account will automatically be deactivated. Once your account is deactivated, you won’t be able to make calls, send texts, use data, or use any service except calling emergency numbers and customer care. Credits cannot be transferred from another account. You will simply need to reactivate your account if you wish to continue using TruConnect’s services.

For reactivating your account and SIM card, call customer service. You may be asked to pay a reactivation fee and keep in mind that TruConnect can’t guarantee that the same phone number will be available once your account has been inactive for a period of time.

To avoid these inconveniences, simply make sure that your credits never expire and that your balance never falls to zero.

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What Benefits Do I Get After Activating A Truconnect SIM Card?

Your entire TruConnect services are linked to your TruConnect SIM card. The SIM card is the one that enables you to make calls, send text messages, and use data. Every benefit that comes with using TruConnect services comes only after you have successfully activated your TruConnect SIM card.

After doing so, you will be able to connect to TruConnect’s network, make calls, send messages, browse the internet, and use any apps that require data usage (unless you have a Wi-Fi connection). As a Lifeline member, after activating your TruConnect SIM card, you will be able to use unlimited talk and text, 3 GB of data, and unlimited calls to Mexico, Canada, and China.

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How To Replace A Truconnect SIM Card If Lost Or Stolen?

If your SIM card got lost or stolen and you wish to regain your phone connection, it’s important to replace the card as soon as possible. SIM cards hold the service provider information and your phone number, therefore replacement SIM cards must be reprogrammed with the information on the lost card. To replace a SIM card and reprogram it with your information, follow the steps below.

  • Contact TruConnect’s customer care. They will be able to turn off your lost card and thus ensure that no unexpected and unauthorized usage occurs. They will also be able to locate the nearest retail store that can provide a replacement SIM card.
  • Locate TruConnect’s store and ask them to give you a replacement SIM card and to reprogram it. You can also do so online.
  • The replacement SIM card must be programmed by TruConnect with the correct user info, network settings, and phone number. They may be able to do so online, otherwise, they will do so in-store. Once the replacement card is programmed, it will be delivered to you through mail or handed to you in your nearest retail store.
  • Insert the replacement SIM card. If you are unable to make a call, make sure to redo the SIM activation process above.

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How To Transfer Your TruConnect Existing Number To a New SIM Card

If you wish to transfer your TruConnect number to a new TruConnect SIM card, you must contact TruConnect customer service and ask them to reprogram your new SIM card to have your existing phone number. You must do so during the SIM card replacement process.

If you wish to transfer your TruConnect number to a SIM card from another carrier, you must also call TruConnect’s customer care and request a phone number transfer at the porting department. Also, make sure to ask the representative for your account number, PIN, and billing address. Your new carrier will take care of everything else.

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Truconnect SIM Card Others Thing You Need To Know

Can I put my TruConnect SIM card in any phone?

TruConnect SIM cards are designed to work with TruConnect phones. However, you can use your TruConnect SIM card in any other phone as long as it is unlocked. Contact TruConnect’s customer care to check if your phone is compatible with TruConnect SIM cards and services.

What carrier is TruConnect SIM under?

TruConnect uses T-Mobile and Sprint’s network, depending on the location. As such, they sell both GSM and CDMA mobile devices.

Can I get a free TruConnect SIM card?

Yes, if you are a Lifeline-eligible customer, you can get a free SIM card, plan, and even a free phone.

What is the cheapest TruConnect plan?

The cheapest TruConnect plan is definitely their free plan available to Lifeline-eligible customers. It comes with unlimited talk, text, 3 GB of data, and unlimited calls to Mexico, Canada, and China.

Does TruConnect charge for SIM card activation?

A one-time activation fee of $39 will be charged to all new or transferred accounts. If you are a Lifeline member, Lifeline fund will cover the expense, otherwise, TruConnect will use its own funds to credit the activation fee.

How long does it take to activate a TruConnect SIM card?

The activation process only takes a couple of minutes.

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